Our approach to Safety

Zelly's mission is to connect a new global community together, enabling people to make new and meaningful connections.

Your Safety is our priority to ensure you can interact meaningfully with new people. This space was created so that you can learn how to keep yourself safe, how we can help you and how our leading security technology works.

Our team is always here for your support

If another user's behavior ever makes you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or concerned. We have a lot of technology in place to keep you safe, but please don't hesitate to report your concerns to our safety team. Our dedicated safety team is always ready to respond.

You must be 18+ to join

To use the Zelly App to make new connections, your age must be 18+. When signing up for Zelly from our web or mobile app service, you agree to our terms of service that you are at least 18 years old.

Your privacy is important to us

We do not share your exact location or phone number with other users under any circumstances. To make sure that you share only what you want to, you can customize your privacy settings at any point.
We urge that you not share other personal info such as your location, social media accounts and phone number with any other community members

Our technology works to keep you safe

Our team of dedicated, skilled developers are constantly developing new AI algorithms(content-blurring, detection algorithms) to ensure that inappropriate content is censored automatically.